Artistic Urns
All urns have threaded lids to prevent spillage.
All urns have an area on the base in which you can attach an engraved brass plaque with your loved one’s details. A blank brass plate is included.
Most urn bodies are made of woods that grow in the lower mainland area of British Columbia. I use natural oil finishes and high quality water-based urethanes that are environmentally friendly. The lids are made from African Blackwood and are polished and buffed with wax. The interior surface is treated with an acrylic sealer.
I woke up on a cold rainy night in November 1 1/2 years ago to hear Coco, our Havanese dog, panting beside our bed, her eyes were turned inward, she was 14 years old.  We rushed into the Animal Emergency Clinic at 2 am with our very sick dog and at 3:30 am we walked out in shock, with an empty collar. It even hurts to write about this now.  As I write this, in front of me is the urn Larry custom made for her, I keep it on a special altar that I walk by everyday.  I frequently pick it up and hold it, I stroke the warm wood just like I used to stroke Coco’s silky hair. You see, I wasn’t ready to let Coco go, I needed to have her around longer even if in spirit.  The urn is as unique and beautiful as she was to David and I. Funny, I often shake the urn to hear her ashes and bones inside, it gives me comfort. Larry knew what it was like to lose a dog, his Molly is in a beautiful urn in his home.  I really appreciated talking with Larry about what kind of urn I would like, the color, the wood, the shape, it gave me comfort during those horrible days to know something beautiful was being made for my beautiful little girl dog that would honor her.  Thank you, Larry.  Carol (David)
A Close Friend's Story….

Larry Stevenson